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Image Analysis – Deep dive into the world of pixels This webinar provides an introduction to image analytics covering the various image pre -processing techniques used for retrieving information from images. Learn about applying convolutions for noise and dimensionality reduction and how deep learning networks learn features out of images and perform classifications and regression operations.

We shall also cover the different types of commonly occurring noises and their distributions (Gaussian, Uniform etc.) as well as how various filters could be applied to remove noises and improve the quality of the image before feeding to your deep learning networks. Gain an understanding of how different types of edge detectors including Gradient, Laplacian and Canny and their application over an image for extracting image features.

Finally, the session will also be covering a couple of business use cases where computer vision is used extensively for anomaly and defect detection.

About the speaker:

Greenu Sharma has over 20 years of experience in Product Design, Development & Support. He has played leadership roles as Global Engineering Leader, Product Innovation Leader (AI/ML), Solution Architect (Computer Vision/Data Analytics), Process Lead (CMMi / Six Sigma / ISO), Program (Agile) & People management.

His prior experience included working with Fortune 100 companies such as GE, United Technologies (Carrier) delivering customer-centric products & solutions. He has worked closely with C-level executives implementing Strategies, Product Road Maps, Innovation, Cybersecurity & End-To-End New Product Introduction.
15/7/202110:00am CDT1 hour

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