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Our comprehensive ecosystem of technology alliances empowers us to innovate, disrupt, and contribute towards a brighter, smarter future for all

Technology Partners

Facilitating Business Growth and Excellence Through an Ecosystem of Alliances


AppsTek Corp partners with Oracle to deliver comprehensive services, encompassing cloud procurement, E-Business Suite solutions, managed services, and seamless cloud integration. Our team of experts, guided by industry best practices, offers preventive maintenance and upgrade implementation services to simplify cloud adoption, optimize performance, and guarantee business success.


Being a Select Snowflake partner, we offer a wide array of secure and scalable Snowflake data cloud services. These services are customized to elevate your data journey, covering everything from Discovery and Assessment, Data Migration and Integration to maximize ROI and reduce TCO, spanning Data Ingestion, Data Visualizations, Scientific Business Analytics, Performance Optimization, Security and Governance, along with ongoing Maintenance and Support.


Our affiliation with the Microsoft Partner Network enables us to empower our clients to utilize Microsoft tools, delivering outstanding service, expertise, and assistance for Microsoft hardware, software, and cloud migrations. Our focus includes consulting, implementations, deployment, and development services, making the most of the robust Microsoft tools and applications.


As a Boomi Partner, we excel in delivering enterprise-grade integration solutions. We work with Boomi's Atom, AtomSphere, and API Management to facilitate rapid digital transformation. Our expertise streamlines cross-platform integration with templates and manages data for efficiency. Our Global Managed Services offer round-the-clock support for uninterrupted data flow.

Strategic Partner

Empowering Business Brilliance with Strategic Partnerships


As a strategic NASSCOM member, we aim to drive digital transformation, innovation, skill-building, and trust in the IT industry and more, and our membership is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences.

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