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Accelerate value creation through digital business transformation

Digital Business Transformation is a journey most organizations across the board are embarking on to disrupt or avoid being disrupted by the digital native platforms. While it is imperative that every company has to embark on this, the challenge is to getting the roadmap and partner right. AppsTek’s Digital Services enable organizations to define nimble business capability libraries and bring these capabilities to life by developing native, hybrid, cross-platform applications, and APIs very quickly. We develop custom applications with a product mindset to create IP and competitive advantage from the in-house best practices, develop platforms/integrations with platform ecosystems to participate in the platform economy and network effects surrounding the enterprise and industry.

Internet of Things AppsTek Corp

We make Digital Business Transformation a reality through the power of platform innovation and application modernization. The Digital Services brings to the table, more than 10 years of rich experience in designing and implementing API-first, modular, open, lightweight, highly-available, and business-ready platforms across all major industries and domains. Our team of experienced engineers have strong credentials in enabling digital transformation journeys of our customers; providing technology solutions that cover almost every facet of Digital Transformation – be it sales, marketing, operations, business process, customer engagement, x-commerce, business productivity or custom business platforms.

IoT at AppsTek Corp


We work hand-in-glove with the Data and Analytics and the Cognitive Technologies competencies to rapidly develop and deploy robust digital platforms by leveraging contemporary application modernization principles such as Cloud native, API and Microservices, DevOps, and Analytics. Our application modernization services ensure that the digital transformation journey keeps pace with the rapidly evolving changes in the technology and business landscape.

Web Applications to enhance customer experience

Digital Customer Experience solutions lead the transformation initiatives focused on customer journey mapping, customer lifetime value,  omni- channel, and multi-experience applications. Develop responsive web applications, e-commerce applications and portals with modern web app architectures and digital experience platforms such as Liferay.

Build engaging and immersive iOS and Android Apps

Mobilize your front, back, and middle-office applications for ubiquitous computing by employees, customers, and partners. Leverage native, hybrid and cross-platform architectures as appropriate.

Low Code Development with Microsoft SharePoint, Azure and Power Platforms

Bring best practices and manual desktop processes to life by building nimble applications using SharePoint and PowerApps. Automate routine business processes with PowerAutomate. Leverage the power of Low Code and Process Automation to bridge the gaps in enterprise transactional systems.