Proactive Optimization For your containerized workloads in Kubernetes with quality tracing

The webinar introduced our intelligent solution, Optimizor (Opty), which leverages our new machine learning algorithms to dynamically learn the complexity of workloads running in Kubernetes to bring optimization at ease.

Opty is built to use proactively in your development environment giving full control to your dev, sec, ops engineers to build your cloud-native ecosystem right, in the development stage itself.

Key Takeaways

Problem and our AI solution

  • Using ML to shift-left Performance
  • Using ML to shift-left Cost control
  • Building the culture of Proactive Solutions
  • It’s all about data, and how data can help to achieve better DevSecOps culture using AI/ML in cloud-native



Chandrakanth Paladugu

Director – Cloud Native & DevSecOps


Prasanna K Ammiraju

Associate Director – Data Science