Adopting Agnostic Frameworks for Compliance-Driven Innovation

With evolving technology, growth thrives on innovative ideas. That’s precisely what our webinar, tailored for both tech and business leaders, tackles head-on. Watch the recording as we dive deep into the convergence of Generative AI, agnostic frameworks, regulatory compliance, and secure innovation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to overcome roadblocks and leverage agnostic frameworks to boost your tech stack efficiently and compliantly. 
  • Explore its influence on business and gain valuable insights into its unique challenges, unlocking the potential of this transformative technology. 
  • Dive into secure programming practices and essential threat protection measures to ensure system security meets stringent regulatory compliance, safeguarding against vulnerabilities. 

We also unveil Compage, our AI-enhanced code automation platform, that standardizes development, streamlines integration, enables Generative AI adoption, and bolsters security.   



Chandrakanth Paladugu

Founder & CTO,