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Empowering Your Business with Oracle Cloud Procurement Services

Providing end-to-end Oracle Cloud Procurement Services to help businesses leverage the latest innovations and drive success.  


Accelerate digital transformation in procurement with Oracle

Trusted partner for implementing Oracle Procurement Cloud including sourcing, procurement contracts, purchasing, self service procurement, supplier portal, and supplier qualification management. 


By leveraging our assessment capabilities, businesses can gain valuable insights into their procurement operations and make informed decisions to optimize processes and drive cost savings.

  • Tools & Methodologies
    This framework includes comprehensive tools and methodologies to gather data, analyse performance metrics, and assess the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement function.
  • Research & Discovery
    This framework includes features such as market intelligence, supplier discovery, and innovation scouting, which enable businesses to identify potential suppliers, evaluate emerging trends, and discover innovative solutions to enhance their procurement capabilities.


We offer a comprehensive implementation framework to facilitate the smooth adoption and integration of the procurement solution within an organization.

  • Project Planning
    Our project management tools and methodologies to help organizations define project objectives, scope, and timelines. It assists in identifying key stakeholders, establishing project governance, and developing a detailed implementation plan.
  • Configuration
    With our expertise, businesses can configure the solution to align with their specific procurement requirement. This allows organizations to tailor the procurement system to their unique processes and business needs.


Seamlessly upgrade your existing procurement system to leverage the latest features and enhancements.

  • Latest Features and Enhancements
    We ensure a smooth transition by seamlessly upgrading your current procurement system, enabling you to leverage the best of the features.
  • Maximise Potential
    With our expertise, your organization can unlock the full potential of your procurement system through strategic upgrades, empowering you to optimize operations and achieve better outcomes.


We provide System Migration and Integration services for a seamless transition and streamlined connectivity.

  • Migration
    Migrate your procurement system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for increased scalability, security, and performance.
  • Integration
    Seamlessly integrate your procurement system with other enterprise systems, such as ERP and CRM, to ensure data consistency and streamline business processes.

New feature implementation

Trust us to optimize your procurement experience and drive business success through advanced functionality and tailored solutions. 

  • Supplier Integration
    Integrate your procurement system with suppliers for improved collaboration, streamlined communication, and enhanced supply chain management.
  • Enterprise Command Centres
    Set up command centres to gain centralized visibility and control over your procurement operations, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.

Managed Services

Opt for our comprehensive managed services, where we take care of the day-to-day management, maintenance, and support of your procurement system, allowing you to focus on core business activities. 

  • Seamless Operations
    Experience smooth and uninterrupted operations for your procurement system, as our team takes care of the management, maintenance, and support.
  • Expert Support
    Our Team consists of skilled professionals who provide expert guidance and support, ensuring the efficient functioning of your procurement system, timely issue resolution, and continuous optimization to drive maximum value for your business.

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