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Leverage Vision AI and analyse unstructured data at scale using Deep Learning trained models.


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Improve customer experience
Precision Bottling Assurance Through Computer Vision
Improve customer experience

Precision Bottling Assurance Through Computer Vision

Inspect and  identify  defects  with  accuracy and speed using our  trained  models.

  • Leak Detection
    Detect, localize, and classify sensor data from images/videos with high accuracy.
  • Foreign Particle Detection
    Identify defects/foreign particles at early stages for improving operational efficiency.

Identify and localize abnormalities aiding in the early detection and precise diagnosis of diseases.

  • X-Ray/Scan Film Classification
    Read and interpret multiple images quickly for computer-aided diagnosis.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
    Streamline collection of patient data using biosensors for real-time updates and assessment. 
Streamline Packaging Inspection with Vision AI
Manufacture high-quality products
Manufacture high-quality products

Automate and optimize the packaging inspection process with Computer Vision.

  • Quality Inspection
    Attain positive improvement in quality control for improving traceability, productivity, and throughput.
  • Label Inspection
    Identify misprints, smudges, labelling errors, missing info for precise label validation with Vision AI.

Optimize traffic flow and improve safety by interpreting visual data.

  • Traffic Management
    Collect live video feed from surveillance cameras for speed monitoring and traffic counting.
  • Accident Reporting
    Get real-time updates about road accidents for providing instant emergency response.
Smart Transportation
Traffic Management
Smart Transportation

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