Oracle E-Business Suite Integration Transforms Operational Efficiency in the Mining Industry


AppsTek Corp implemented Oracle EBS to unify and optimize operations for a leading mining company facing challenges from disparate systems due to rapid acquisitions. The integration facilitated enhanced regulatory compliance, efficient financial reporting, and reduced operational costs. AppsTek’s tailored approach included system customization, rigorous testing, and comprehensive training, leading to improved operational efficiency and the standardization of processes across international locations. 

Key Highlights 

  • Enhanced Oracle EBS to support specific international requirements like VAT and foreign currency adjustments. 
  • Implemented rigorous system tests and detailed user training for seamless legacy system transitions. 
  • Established a streamlined change management process to efficiently handle system updates and changes. 
  • Achieved operational consistency by standardizing processes across all subsidiaries. 
  • Reduced costs by minimizing the need for multiple software licenses and internal IT expansion. 

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