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Why Upgrade Oracle EBS?

Oracle is following a “Continuous Innovation” release model for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2, delivering ongoing applications and underlying technology stack updates for 12.2 without requiring a major upgrade. Additionally, 12.2 is the long-term support release for Oracle E-Business Suite, with Premier Support for 12.2 available through at least 2032.  Maximize the return from your existing investments in the Oracle E-Business Suite applications:

  1. Support ever-evolving business requirements, processes, vision, and strategy
  2. Move away from unsupported versions of operating systems, databases, and applications
  3. Interoperate in technological and business platform ecosystems
  4. Extending the life of and ROI from Investments in the core ERP
  5. Leverage new modules such as Enterprise Command Centers which are available only from 12.2.4
  6. Leverage ADOP for updating standard Oracle Apps and Database Objects with Online Patching
  7. Access to latest Oracle Technology Ecosystem such as Oracle Analytics Server/ Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle SOA Suite / Oracle Integration Cloud
  8. Implementation of collaborative applications such as iSupplier

Many organizations often do not know where to start with the upgrade and end up initiating a manual assessment process. The challenge with this approach is it is expensive, inaccurate and often very time consuming. After such an assessment, many organizations may still not have answers to all the questions or be better informed to decide on the upgrade path.

Automated EBS Upgrade Assessment Solution from AppsTek

AppsTek recommends automating the assessment process to check the readiness for upgrade, as this approach saves time, cost and efforts in the actual upgrade process by equipping organizations with the right information.

  1. Our EBS Upgrade Assessment Tool covers custom alerts, applications, database objects, flex fields, forms, form messages, forms personalization’s, FSGs, lookups, menus, OAF objects, profiles, request sets, responsibilities, triggers, value sets, and workflows
  2. Ensures thorough scanning of the current environment, analyse the usage and obsolescence, and produces reports that help in comprehensive and detailed planning of all the components involved in the upgrade
  3. The tool automatically generates a project plan to track the progress of the CEMLIs, which can be integrated into the overall upgrade project plan

Solution Highlights

  • Runs a no-harm script on your environment reading the object definitions in the custom schema only (Tool does not touch your business data)
  • The tool generates xml files of the enumerated objects
  • You can take a preview of the xml files and send it to us securely via the secure FTP (SFTP)
  • Output from the assessment is fed into our integrated EBS Upgrade Assessment Suite to generate the effort, schedule, and project plan for remediation
  • Tool supports the upgrade through assessment, remediation, and production

Business Benefits

  • Greater planning and control over the costs associated with the upgrade
  • Up to 99%+ accuracy in object detection, tested in a number of technical, functional, hybrid upgrades of minor and major releases
  • Can save them 30-50% on the technical upgrade cost