Enhancing Digital Engagement with Content Management System for a Power Generation Company


The client, a multinational power generation company, upgraded its digital presence through a custom Content Management System (CMS). This case study highlights how adopting the latest UX/UI design trends and streamlined content workflows improved their website’s user navigation and access to information. The enhancements significantly boosted operational efficiency and stakeholder engagement worldwide. 

Key Highlights 

  • Developed a Microsoft.Net-based Content Management System using DotNetNuke to cater specifically to the needs of the energy company. 
  • Upgraded the website to follow the latest UX/UI design trends, significantly enhancing the look and feel of the platform. 
  • Simplified the content addition and approval processes, enabling faster updates and reducing reliance on technical teams. 
  • Integrated Google-like search capabilities to improve the ease of information retrieval for users. 
  • Implemented email notifications for content approvals to expedite the publishing process and keep the website content up-to-date. 
  • The new CMS allowed for easier maintenance and navigation of the website, streamlining user interactions and content management. 

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