App Modernization Services

Modernize legacy application and scale the digital transformation continuum

Revamp legacy applications using cloud, DevSecOps and next-gen technologies for lesser time-to-market and increase resilience and continuity.

Our Services

Modernize legacy apps to stay ahead of the curve

Refactor and rearchitect complex monolithic IT applications to modern platforms

UI Modernization
UI Modernization
UI Modernization

UI Modernization

Design the perfect user experience for enterprise application. 

  • Modern UI
    Adapt to the latest visual trends, patterns, usability standards and modern development techniques to deliver the aesthetic look and feel for your application.
  • Coordinated iterative process
    Our team of designers follow a flexible approach, involving cycles of feedback/improvements to create high-quality UI interfaces.

Data Modernization Services

We provide full-cycle data modernization services tailored to your digital transformation initiatives.

  • Data Preparation
    Audit data structures, consolidate data from multiple sources, clean and modify collected data, and conduct quality checks.
  • Data Modelling
    Define a data strategy, visualize data correlation, and create an approach of how data flows between systems and data points.
  • Data Warehousing
    Develop scalable data warehouses and configure them for enterprise’s needs.
  • Data Integration
    Extract data from multiple environments, transform it, and load it to the target environment.
  • Data Migration
    Create a data migration roadmap for safe transfer of data between various storages.
  • Data Governance
    Develop a comprehensive framework for data governance that defines the storage, usability, and security of data assets.
  • Data Visualization
    Develop interactive, customizable dashboards by integrating different visualization tools.
  • Data Security
    Implement advanced security solutions to avoid internal data misuse, compliance issues, and data breaches.
Our Approach

Modernize to Maximize at Scale

Our team of experts divide every modernization project into four steps, each defining the success of solution renovation.

Software assessment

Our assessment approach helps businesses leaders make well-informed decisions on application modernization needs.

Model selection

We help businesses select the appropriate modernization model aligned with technological capabilities, budget, latest industry trends, and global standards of enterprise applications.

Modernize legacy application

Once the application modernization plan is approved, our team will perform the full scope of revamp, document the process, and provide best recommendations on administering the updated software.

Post-modernization support

We perform continuous health checks for your software application and provide support to IT teams and end users facilitating quicker adoption of the modern application.

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