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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Robotic Process Automation

AppsTek provides RPA solutions to speed up your automation journey and unleash your automation potential. They range from identifying and creating your business case, to ensuring your program is meeting best standards and practices. We also identify process automation opportunities, implement, manage and scale your new digital workforce across your enterprise.

Envision & Assessment

  1. Automation strategy and roadmap
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Automation roadmap – POC, POV, Pilots & more
  4. RPA opportunity identification, prioritization and selection
  5. Vision workshop / ROI identification
  6. Assessment of “automatability” and re-engineering opportunities aligning with the agreed outcomes
  7. Stabilization / Steady state services along with key metrics reporting


  1. Design, Develop & implementation
  2. Integration with OCR, AI, BPM, Web interfaces and more
  3. RPA production deployment


  1. Design, strategize RPA Centre of Excellence
  2. Focus on getting the right team – IT / SMEs / RPA experts
  3. Governance & Process improvisations
  4. Consolidation of Tools and Technologies across the value chain

Managed Services

Support services include:

  1. Bot monitoring
  2. Run / Fallout reports & reviews
  3. Change & Incident mgmt.
  4. Key metrics reporting
  5. Tool migration / Patches
  6. 24x7x365 services


  1. Maintaining the upkeep of the robots – ensuring the robots are running and best optimized in their runtime
  2. Optimize bots and improving ROI
  3. License & VDI optimization due to changes in approach or process
  4. Licenses Optimization by reviewing the Business Processes and schedules, Number of Business Processes a BOT can handle, and BOTs Audit
  5. Consolidation of BOTs with Architectural Improvements and revisiting the solutioning and business processes
  6. Expanding the usage of the BOTs for new business processes

Business case for RPA for a process is evaluated based on its suitability, cost of implementation and ROI which is based on several factors as shown below.

Appropriate solution is determined with the help of a decision tree.

AppsTek follows an agile approach for automation implementation due to the proven benefits of the methodology.



  1. Unattended Run of the BOTs
  2. Review of Daily and Weekly Reports
  3. Troubleshooting BOT and Environmental Issues
  4. Monitoring of Usage Issues, Effort, ROI, and KPIs
  5. Consolidation of business processes and associated BOTs
  6. Compliance Checks and Security of sensitive data
  7. Sunsetting of the unneeded BOTs
  8. Archiving of the BOTs required for legal compliance

Experience Summary

  • 7+ Engagements and growing
  • 100+ BOTs in Production
  • 10+ RPA Team members, certified in multiple RPA Tools