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Unleash the power of cognition to create unprecedented business value and models

Our Cognitive solutions practice focuses on innovative solutions that facilitate self-learning by machine learning models, business intelligence, NLP and neural networks. Leveraging the computing capacity to process voluminous amount of unstructured data growing exponentially, from documents and emails to images and videos form the devices that mimic human senses of touch, speech, and vision, these solutions enable enterprises to make data-driven decisions with augmented intelligence. ​

AppsTek specializes in technology-based innovation and empowers their clients to get hands-on expertise in handling next-gen technologies such as Computer Vision and Internet of Things to achieve their digital transformation goals.


Drive Business Intelligence with real-time analysis on videos, images as they are streamed. Our Computer Vision Solutions team helps Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, and Logistics industries to solve business challenges that are hitherto considered most difficult.  Spectrum of solutions include visual inspection, video surveillance, recommender system based on visual search, OCR document scanning and processing, object detection, pose estimation, gesture detection, driver distraction, etc. for enhancing customer experience or automating business processes, we will find the right way to address it.

Image & Video Analytics

Internet of Things Solutions

In the connected world, with billons of devices streaming the product, process, people, place, etc. data petabytes of data are available for the businesses to take advantage of. Whether you leverage this data for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive or augmented analytics for trouble shooting an event or incidents or proactively controlling the events, out IoT solutions help you define, implement, and deliver the business value and ROI from the use case.


Collaboration with the client’s existing data science teams to deliver technical expertise in the field of machine learning, NLP and predictive analytics.

Cross-Team Operations

We closely work with your data engineering teams to develop key APIs for your machine learning system to correspond with strategic business needs.


We provide able assistance to develop a solid proof of concept to help non-technical business stakeholders achieve high-level goals successfully.