AppsTek helped Phigenics improve their Water Management Program using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Client

Phigenics is an innovative water management company that meets the increasingly complex needs of facility owners and managers to improve overall water safety while optimizing operational (water, chemical, energy) and capital costs. Phigenics was founded in 2004 and provides its services in all 50 states as well as several foreign countries.

The Business Need

The stakeholders at Phigenics wanted to restructure and evolve their phiAnalytics platform to provide a technological solution that supports the verification and validation requirements of a facility Water Management Program focused on safety as well as customer-driven water efficiency measures. The primary goal of this new platform is to supply business intelligence that is derived from the continuous monitoring of water related metrics in various forms (e.g., user entry, automated input from equipment and sensors, external uploads from approved laboratories, system integration).

AppsTek Solution

Phigenics engaged AppsTek as the technology partner in association with RDI/A, their digital agency. AppsTek evaluated the business needs and recommended a solution that is secure, userfriendly and scalable. The solution has been designed to integrate Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities along with advanced analytics.

Phased approach for faster return on investment

AppsTek evaluated the challenges and business needs and suggested a phased approach for development to demonstrate quick return on investment (ROI) and visible benefits to the business stakeholders.

Superior security and scalability to handle current and future needs

The solution was built on a secure platform with a scalable
architecture to manage the data from multiple data
collection points and keeping in mind the future needs
in terms of tools, features and functions

Improved usability and support for multiple devices aids faster decision making

AppsTek developed a custom dashboard to enhance the usability
of the phiAnalytics platform and provide Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs) to the users at a glance. The latest technology
standards were adopted to ensure that the user portal works
well on any internet enabled device regardless of the form factor.

Improved workflow management to lower expenses and enhance operational efficiency

AppsTek built a platform that enables users to schedule
forms for data collection, automate data management
and monitor the equipment status using workflow

Overall Impact and Benefits

With the deployment of the first phase of the solution, Phigenics is able to deliver a fully managed solution and help their customers to improve water management programs.