AppsTek defined the core values as: Connect, Inspire, Deliver, and Evolve.

Connect: Create meaningful relationships with our clients, their customers, and the community.

Connect is all about why we exist and being Customer Centric in the markets we have chosen to operate: We always put customers first. To do this, we must first have an understanding and alignment with shared goals. This requires our understanding of customer needs not just requirements and customers’ expectations on us. In a situation of a tradeoff or conflict, always the customers interests are given priority.

Different cultures are not difficult cultures. We must ensure excellent service delivery by understanding and appreciating the differences while adhering to global professional standardsTrust and Transparency are the values that are universal in building credibility, mutual respect, and lasting direct relationships.

We strive to deliver continuous business value. We must keep pace with ever evolving business needs and technology enablers to differentiate our services and be relevant.

It takes 5x the effort and cost to acquire a new customer.  We should win customers with a value proposition that is a win-win. Managing customer expectations, ensuring delivery excellence – on time on budget, with quality service delivery, delighting customers, is essential to maintain our client reference-ability, execute on land and expand strategy in the era where bigger and multi-year deals are becoming a thing of the past.

Proof of our Customer Centricity is in achieving growth and 100% reference-ability. This requires courage and be accountable.

Inspire: Stand out, celebrate original ideas and experiences which impact the world around us.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” —Aristotle. To stand out and be excellent, we first need to be passionate about what we are doing. We must look at what we are doing as a career not as a job. Pursuit of perfection is a journey, not a destination. If you choose a job you love, you never have to work a day. We must enjoy what we are doing. When this happens, we get enormous focus and attention to detail. We take pride in what we do and take accountability with integrity. It is always the integrity that builds character, authority, and respect.

We tend to think big with an unconstrained thought process to conceptualize original ideas and translate them into simple and elegant solutions with an unprecedented business impact to our customers.

We are in knowledge services business where synergies among the team members is paramount. We get inspired by others as well as we inspire others by walking the talkTeam – Together Everyone Achieves More. Team Synergies are possible only if you have integrity, respect, trust, and transparency with your peers.

Deliver: Be flawless in the execution of dynamic, refreshing, and elegantly simple solutions.

Flawless Execution requires a bias for action. The first of these actions is about clarity of purpose. – Understanding and aligning with customer goals. Once you understand the goals, your game plan for fulfilling the same should be clear to every member of the team. It is collective responsibility. Everyone is interdependent. We need to cultivate the habit of working together and winning together. It is not athletics; it is a team sport. In the process Everyone should strive to make others best.

In today’s dynamic world teams need to be agile. We just should not fail fast, fail early. We should learn fast and learn early. Accelerating the impact requires observation, experimentation, prototyping, adoption, innovation, and getting into the act with a Get it Done attitude. The art of possibilities thinking opens-up refreshing and elegantly simple solutions.

Responsibility to the work can be delegated, but Ownership and Accountability cannot be delegated. Leaders should lead by example and be role models for their team members.

Evolve: Constantly push to find new and better ways to solve strategic, creative, and technical challenges.

We understand our humble beginnings as Oracle Database experts evolving into Oracle EBS experts and now venturing into emerging digital technologies. While we continue to fortify our core, we want to be strategically important and technologically creative in our solutions. In terms of fortifying the core, we are venturing into Cloud, Analytics, AI enabled solutions within the Oracle Landscape.

Our journey into Digital and Cognitive Solutions is picking up pace with several PoCs. Excellence is a journey. What is excellent yesterday becomes a given expectation today. We are pushing out Go-to-Market plan with use case centric approach in the areas of customer experience, collaboration, data, and analytics.

As an individual, you must evolve within the area of your expertise, be upskilled, multi-skilled, and cross trained. You need to plan to be a better you every day. This is just not on professional side; it becomes contagious and your personal side also improves dramatically.

In a competitive marketplace, it is always the survival of the nimblest who evolves faster; identifies and acts on opportunities for improvement at an individual, team and organizational level. Evolution never stops.


  • Values are non-negotiable
  • Culture is built over a period and continues to evolve
  • Focus, Passion for Excellence, Thinking Big, Staying Relevant, Ownership and Accountability and Integrity in all our walks is a must for individual, team and enterprise success