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Achieve Single View of Customer by implementing Customer Master Data Management

Master data management (MDM) is the core process used to manage, centralize, organize, categorize, localize, synchronize and enrich master data according to the business rules within sales, marketing and operational strategies of an organization. AppsTek Customer Master Data Management Solution specializes in aggregating Customer records across disparate systems to create a golden record. This record when stitched with other customer details helps in creation of a customer data hub or a customer 3600 view.


Why we built this Accelerator?

Master Data Management (MDM) solution creates a centralized repository of a client’s master or golden records. Our solution leverages multi-domain MDM and hosts the database storing cleansed golden records.

Master Data Management systems vary widely between organizations, and the type of deployment will depend on the core business, corporate structure and company goals. There are four common MDM implementation approaches: Registry, Coexistence, Consolidation, and Transaction/ Centralization.


Customer MDM to achieve single view of customer is follows Consolidation implementation. What can be achieved by Customer Data Platforms can be nimbly achieved with our solution.


Solution Accelerator

Key components of the solution are:

Data Discovery: Automatic discovery of the attribute type. Eg: First name, Last name, Phone no., email etc.

Data Wrangling: State of the art data wrangling techniques involve spell checks, phonetics, abbreviations, geolocation etc. to generate additional attributes.

Data Discovery: Automatic discovery of the attribute type. Eg: First name, Last name, Phone no., email etc.

Data Rationalization: Golden record generation by merging multiple records and using survivorship rules based on information gathered, timestamp etc.

Data Clusters: Automatic clustering of information which can be leveraged by marketing teams to create targeted campaigns.

Data Quality: Generate useful insights into quality of data to improve your business process efficiency.

Solution Features

  • Easily integrates incoming data from various sources with multiple data formats, dimensions etc.
  • Leverages state of the art libraries/APIs to generate matches across records.
  • Language detection and translation libraries to support native languages.
  • Survival rules to populate data in primary and secondary fields.

Business Benefits

  • Single View of Customer resulting in better service.
  • Customer Data Ownership.
  • Enhanced Data Governance and Compliance.
  • Data Quality, Integrity, Availability, and Flexibility