AppsTek helped one of the largest suppliers of industrial and environmental machinery to reduce maintenance costs, improve reporting performance and ease of use.

The Business Need

All the applications at Flowserve were running on SQL Server and the database was maintained by third party vendors. Data from 32 ERP systems was extracted and loaded into SQL Server. Even with 800 GB memory, SQL Server could not deliver the expected level of business performance. Additionally, the maintenance cost increased. Business users were finding it difficult to generate reports and the performance of the reports was slow. The key objectives of Flowserve were to reduce the overall cost of maintenance, improve performance and ease of use for the business users.

AppsTek Solution

AppsTek evaluated the business needs and recommended a solution that was cost-effective, easy to maintain and offer the desired levels of performance. Flowserve bought SAP HANA and received a free licensing for Sybase IQ. The solution has been designed to integrate SAP HANA tools such as DFW/DLM with Sybase IQ using Smart Data Access.

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