AppsTek partners with one of the largest solar manufactures to support their mission-critical Business Intelligence application

The Client

SunPower Corporation is one of the largest solar manufacturers, with offices in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. It designs and manufactures high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, roof tiles, and solar panels based on a silicon all-back-contact solar cell. It has the largest U.S. residential and commercial installed base, with over 100,000 residential systems installed.

The Challenge

SunPower needed a stable, long-term business intelligence solution partner to handle new projects and on-going support. They sought Enterprise Applications that feed data into a single Business Intelligence platform like QlikView, which can handle the large quantity of data and the system’s complexity. SunPower invited AppsTek, along with several other vendors, to propose a partnership to support their mission-critical Business Intelligence application. Leveraging its expertise in the BI space and its strong technical understanding of Enterprise Application Reporting, the AppsTek team quickly understood the SunPower business processes and provided the best technical staff to win their business.

The Solution

AppsTek’s roles and responsibilities during this critical engagement process were: